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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Protecting your instrument finish from cracking

WT. Foster Guitars Tech Tip of the day April 7, 2015

Winter is a hazardous time for the guitar finishes, if your instrument lives anywhere that the temperature varies and your instrument is subjected to those changes such as when being transported in a cold vehicle on the way to a warm gig, then it is in danger of checking. With WT. Foster Guitars fortunately our modern finishing processes are much more durable than those of years past but checking can still happen if precautions are not taken. Always use a good quality and appropriate polish whether your guitars has a urethane or nitro finish, polishing will add a micro thin layer of protection against minor surface checking.  

To prevent checking or cracking always allow the instrument to acclimatize to the temperature of its environment slowly. Meaning leave your guitar in its unopened case for as long as possible after bringing it into a warm room from the cold. It may take as long as a few hours for the instrument to completely warm up. Absolutely avoid the temptation to open the case to check on it this is the exact scenario that will cause small cracks in the finish! Who here has had the finish crack on their guitar? A horrible sight and feeling!!  

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